• Vanina Butori

    Vanina Butori

    Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina Butori / Founder & Managing Partner

    Vanina has a strong track record in Human Resources management. She has gained expertise in various fields of HR, including legal topics, social dialogue, administrative management, payroll, compensation and benefits. She used to work in the banking and the naval defence sectors, both at the head office and on the construction site, which allows her to understand business issues both at macro and micro level. Vanina acquired skills in team leadership, especially change management, by leading large teams of people in contexts of downsizing, as well as in facility closure.

    Vanina holds a Masters degree in both Labour Law and Human Resources Management, as well as a Masters degree in Anthropology.

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  • Hmung Pi

    Hmung Pi

    Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi / Manager of The Lab

    Hmung Pi has more than 5 years an extensive track record of assisting micro, small and medium enterprises to improve their business skills and knowledge in Myanmar. With a wealth of experience at SMEs development sector, he worked as a consultant for international development agencies such as British Council Myanmar, GIZ Myanmar and International Labor Organization. While working as a consultant in both the private and public sectors, his work included research, strategic consulting, business development, coaching and mentorship to micro, small and medium business owners in Myanmar. Hmung Pi is passionate in sharing his knowledge, developing individuals and helping positive impact business in Myanmar.

    “Let’s work together to overcome challenges and drive toward a better business”

  • Maddy



    Maddy / Consultant

    Maddy started working at Yever, the mother company of the Lab since 2017. She has gained experience working with businesses from different industries and of different sizes. Yever started supporting small and medium businesses for profit or pro bono before launching the Lab, and Maddy contributed to those projects as the project leader as well as the member. Since the launch of the lab, Maddy could apply those knowledge and experiences for the Lab’s clients and helping them for better understanding of their needs and prioritizing them for their sustainable business growth. Maddy has an ambition to support Myanmar SMEs to have their own capacity to grow their business in a responsible and sustainable way as she believes Myanmar SMEs also has the great capability to transform the way of doing business in Myanmar to be more responsible and sustainable, not only by the big companies.

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  • Moe Thein Gi Nwe

    Moe Thein Gi Nwe


    Moe Thein Gi Nwe / Consultant

    Moe has been working at Yever for five years. She is one of the team members who worked to establish The Lab and define its purpose, values and strategy. Moe has been leading all of The Lab’s missions for clients, from engaging with them to supporting them closely to implement best practices in their daily activities. She also trained all the team members working for The Lab. She has gained an extensive understanding of challenges SMEs encounter which allows her to frame relevant solutions. She strives to develop efficient and trustworthy relationships with SMEs owners that will support reaching their goals.


    “Do not hesitate to contact us, The Lab team if you have difficulties in your work. We are here to support/serve you to implement the best practices in your workplace by collaborating with your team.”

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  • Wai Yan Kyaw

    Wai Yan Kyaw


    Wai Yan Kyaw / Consultant

    Wai Yan Kyaw has been working at Yever Co., Ltd, the Lab’s parent company, for over three years. At Yever, he has worked for companies from different sectors. He has also managed to deliver successful projects mainly focused on the sustainable development of the companies. He is eager to help SMEs that need support from the Lab with his said experience, and he wants to help them become sustainable businesses and organisations in the long term. He is now supporting the Lab’s clients – SMEs and other organisations – and currently helping them analyse their finances, provide insights, revise financial policies in collaboration with the Lab’s partner, and set financial budgets for them.

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  • Khant Kyaw Za

    Khant Kyaw Za

    Junior Analyst

    Khant Kyaw Za / Junior Analyst

    Khant is working on internal operation support of The Lab as well as SME projects. He has been actively involved in SME projects since he joined Yever in December 2021. His primary responsibilities include supporting the team with internal operations, communicating with the clients, and executing the projects’ targeted deliverables under the supervision of the project leaders. He is enthusiastic about learning more about the SMEs in Myanmar, exploring new ways to support them, and engaging with them to offer equal opportunities for consulting services of sustainable business practices.

    Khant has suspended his English literature studies at WYU since the COVID-19 pandemic’s start. He formerly worked as a media monitoring intern for a PR and digital marketing agency.

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  • Duwon Soe Tun

    Duwon Soe Tun

    Junior Analyst

    Duwon Soe Tun / Junior Analyst

    Duwon is responsible for supporting both the internal and external operations of The Lab. He has contributed to HR, business planning, financial analysis, and communication operations for The Lab’s SME clients. Duwon strongly believes that small and medium enterprises are crucial for Myanmar’s economic development and is dedicated to helping them succeed. He is interested in Finance and Economics and closely follows the latest news and trends in the industry. He also has hands-on experience in SME business operations.

    Duwon put his undergraduate studies on hold. He was in his second year of Bachelor of Arts in English specialization at the Yangon University of Foreign Languages and was also studying a Diploma degree in Business Management at STI Myanmar University. Duwon joined Yever in December 2021.

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  • Nay Aung Win

    Nay Aung Win

    Junior Analyst

    Nay Aung Win / Junior Analyst

    Nay Aung Win is a new member of the Yever team, with recent recruitment for the junior business analyst position. He works closely with The  Lab to promote sustainable and responsible business practices for local SMEs. He’s committed to implementing the best procedures to help these businesses thrive. Nay Aung Win has a deep passion for learning how The  Lab helps local businesses, ultimately improving the local communities. Before joining Yever, Nay Aung Win worked as an office staff member at a media company and helped collect news. He has suspended his political science study at Yangon University since the Covid Period in 2019. He is thrilled to embark on a journey to di scover The Lab’s impact on the growth of SMEs in Myanmar.

  • Yin Myo Wai

    Yin Myo Wai

    Junior Analyst

    Yin Myo Wai / Junior Analyst

    Yin Myo Wai recently joined Yever in 2023 and The Lab as a Junior Analyst.  She had experience assisting in project implementation in local social enterprises led by young entrepreneurs, including digital enterprises, marketing start-ups and educational projects. She works with The Lab to address the root of SMEs’ needs and challenges. With her underground knowledge of local SME businesses’ challenges, she is committed to supporting SMEs’ growth in Myanmar.

    Yin Myo Wai completed one year of Political Science at the University of Yangon before the pandemic started. Pursuing her interest in the private Business sector, she holds an ACCA diploma in Accounting and Business. She also had research experiences in the Economics sector.

  • Aye Thiri Aung

    Aye Thiri Aung

    Junior Analyst

    Aye Thiri Aung / Junior Analyst

    Aye Thiri is one of the team members who joined Yever in April 2023 as a Junior Analyst. She is working with the other team members on The Lab Projects and other operations under the guidance of the team leaders. She is mainly responsible for supporting the team and providing effective outcomes for her teammates. She is personally interested in SMEs and wants to help those businesses and organizations across Myanmar grow sustainably and responsibly for a better future.

    She graduated with computer science from the University of Computer Studies, Yangon and previously worked in the banking loan sector for low-income families. So, she is passionate about empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and believes that with the right support, any business can succeed.

  • Si Thu

    Si Thu

    Junior Analyst

    Si Thu / Junior Analyst

    Si Thu is one of the team members who joined Yever in April 2023 as a Junior Analyst. He is actively involved in the The Lab projects with other team members under the guidance of the team leader. He is passionate about helping the SMEs and creating a more sustainable future in Myanmar.

    He graduated with Information Technology (IT) from the Technological University (Mandalay). His previous experiences were as the onboarding coordinator and network engineer. He is enthusiastic about learning more about SMEs in Myanmar and helping to find new ways to support them to become sustainable businesses.

  • Zam Cin Mang

    Zam Cin Mang

    Junior Analyst

    Zam Cin Mang / Junior Analyst

    Zam is a new addition to the Yever team, joining as a junior business analyst. He started involving in The Lab projects in 2023. Zam holds a Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Mandalar University. He previously worked for a startup consulting agency and a local social enterprise. Additionally, he works as a freelance content writer and social media marketing specialist, offering services to a few local SMEs. Zam is enthusiastic about sustainable development goals, entrepreneurship and responsible business and uses his YouTube channel to share his knowledge and insights in his spare time. Zam is excited to explore The Lab’s journey to helping SMEs in Myanmar.