Our story

The Lab was established with the purpose of providing pro-bono and low-bono sustainability consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises and small organizations that are often left behind in acquiring consultancy services due to different constraints, including financial ones.

The Lab’s parent company, Yever, got the idea of establishing from two observations.


  • The first one is from past clients, entrepreneurs and SMEs who wanted to benefit from Yever’s services but could not afford our services. There was a need to find ways to provide accessible consulting services to all these very small companies because Yever could see an obvious demand for that. And most of all, Yever strongly believes that small businesses can significantly impact SMEs and helps creates jobs and opportunities in Myanmar.


  • The second observation came from our team members. Most of them started to work at Yever without prior experience, and they were trained to become consultants. Yever, always try to provide opportunities and exposure to grow their skills. So, Yever wanted to fast-track their learning curve by allowing them to lead missions for our clients fully by establishing The Lab.


This is how The Lab came to exist: a new company fully dedicated to serving micro, small and medium-sized organisations who may not otherwise be able to afford Yever’s services. Yever’s homegrown team of consultants will fully deliver all the services. The team will partially own this company and take part in its management. It is a way for them to feel a sense of ownership and accountability. They will be in the centre of the action. Yever believes it’s the best way to grow professionally and acquire strong skills.

The Lab was officially launched on October 26th of 2022. Since then, The Lab has been working with multiple SMEs and NGOs in collaboration with its partners to offer diverse consulting services. The Lab started collaborating with different partners after the launch to provide services that are not the expertise of The Lab, such as legal and accounting. Currently, we are partnering with communication, legal and accounting firms to offer these services to our clients.

Since its pilot stage, The Lab has worked with more than 10 local SMEs and NGOs. Our clients vary from hotels and tourism businesses to urban farms and antique dealers across the county. A diverse client range has provided us with knowledge of the common and specific needs of SMEs and small organizations in Myanmar. The Lab’s consultants are trying their best to provide the best consulting services to our existing and future clients with this knowledge. The Lab provides the same quality services as our the parent company, Yever, to clients.