Interactive Co., Ltd.

The Lab has partnered with Interactive Co., Ltd, a legal and accounting service company.

Through this collaboration, The Lab’s new and former clients can access legal and accounting advisory services just by contacting The Lab.

Interactive Co., Ltd offers various services, including company registration, compliance, accounting and tax, payroll, HR, legal, and contracting services.

We are collaborating with different partners as we may not be experts in every field where our clients face challenges. However, as each of our client’s needs is unique, we carefully assess them and determine with our partners if they can collaborate on each specific project, ensuring a tailored response to our client’s requirements.

So far, The Lab and Interactive Co., Ltd have collaborated on a project to review the financial policy of an organization in Myanmar dedicated to promoting the rights and employment opportunities of persons with disabilities. Interactive Co., Ltd carefully reviewed its financial policy to determine its outdated parts and provided recommendations for a revision. At the same time, The Lab facilitates communication between the three organizations and offers additional support. Given its mission to improve the community, The Lab and Interactive Co., Ltd has provided a pro bono service to the organization.

We are glad to announce that now you can reach out to us for legal and accounting services as we offer a comprehensive range of legal and accounting services through our partnership with Interactive Co., Ltd. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your challenges.

We hope to grow and thrive together with you.