Brand recognition for MSMEs

Local MSMEs can also achieve the same level of brand recognition

When it comes to the word “Brand”, what comes to mind for most business owners are all about logos and social media (Facebook in Myanmar). The actual meaning of the brand is much deeper than that. It is the perception of the stakeholders, in another way, of how customers or clients think about your business based on the actions of your business, either good or bad. Therefore, branding is very important because it can affect the reputation of your business and customers’ trust. On the other hand, a brand has to be built over time, but the company’s actions can instantly destroy it.

So, what does it mean to be a good brand? For example, which company names come into your mind when someone says about the retail-shop business in Myanmar? If you can think of one, this shows how that business is doing its brand building. We are certain that you will think of the biggest and most powerful business. However, it doesn’t always have to be the biggest or strongest business to obtain brand recognition.

For example, what restaurant comes to your mind when someone talks about Mala Xiang Gao? If you can think of one, that means this Mala Xiang Gao restaurant is already doing its brand-building because it needs certain reasons to come into your mind; it can be because of their good customer relationships or their delicious food. Sometimes, you may already be doing your brand-building in your own way unconsciously.

Good branding practices mean organizing all branding things or activities systematically and consistently but with a goal set up and not in an unconscious manner.

Wondering how you can build your brand systematically? Consult with The Lab team, and the Lab team always welcomes micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) to fill their gap to become sustainable and responsible businesses. Our mission is also to serve the MSMEs in Myanmar who are left behind.