What is consulting?

In Myanmar, we say “အကြံပေး” for consultations. Direct translation to English would be “Giving advice”. What do we do when we have to make an important decision in our lives? We discussed our ideas at least with one person. Why? Because we need to hear from someone who –

  • will think differently from us based on their experience and skills,
  • can point out our blind spots as an outsider,
  • can provide better options to make the right decision.

That also applies the same when you do business. You have your friends and families for your life decisions. And for your business, The Lab is a friend whom you can trust and who can provide suggestions based on the great experience of working with different SMEs.

At The Lab, we do give advice to our clients. In addition, we make sure our advice makes an impactful change and brings value to them. Our advice/ suggestions do not stay only as the ideas. The added value we bring you is your capability to implement those ideas.

To explain more in detail if you’re interested in working with us, this is how we do our consulting job.

  • First, we discuss a meeting with you to understand your business and its needs.
  • Second, based on our understanding, we prepare a proposal which can meet your needs and how you can prioritise them.
  • And if you are interested in proceeding, we discuss the pricing. To add here, The Lab is a place where SMEs can ask for support, and we do not aim to make a profit from the projects. The basic price we set is lower than our operational cost.
  • Once we agreed, we started planning the project and organising a team.
  • And we work together with you to deliver the deliveries as discussed, and we will have regular follow-up meetings to update you on the project’s progress.
  • When we finalise our deliveries and wrap up the project, we also provide feedback and suggestions based on the experience working with you.

Kindly show your interest in working with us, we can have the discussion first. Even if you decide not to work with us, our discussion will give you an overview of how to grow your business and meet your needs.